Requirements for membership to the PPSDC:

  1. (MANDATORY) Accomplished and signed application form (Annex D) by the owner, medical director, executive director or equivalent, submitted to the Governing Council through PhilCAT.
  2. (MANDATORY) Copy of the Certificate of Accreditation of its Microbiology Department of the facility from the Department of Health (DOH) and/or copy of the updated License to Operate (LTO)
  3. (MANDATORY) Copy of the updated Certificate for National External Quality Assessment System (NEQAS) for TB and Microbiology tests OR equivalent
  4. (MANDATORY) Copy of BIR Registration indicating VAT or non-VAT
  5. (OPTIONAL) ISO accreditation of the hospital or laboratory

PPSDC members who can be endorsed to be eligible for concessional pricing are required to comply with the following conditions, as detailed in the PPSDC charter:

  1. Allow online access to GeneXpert machine data to Cepheid Inc. or any of its affiliates for the purpose of preventive maintenance and utilization analysis which is automatically provided for free with the purchase of the system. This excludes patient data in conformity with the Data Privacy Act.
  2. Use the diagnostic tests procured through the consortium only in the Philippines.
  3. Disallow reselling of the diagnostics kits procured through the PPSDC to other health facilities that are non-members of the consortium to avoid additional charges to patients beyond the prescribed ceiling price
  4. Report all clients who tested positive to the National TB Program (NTP) through the online reporting platform Integrated Tuberculosis Information System (ITIS) of the Department of Health for the mandatory notification for TB, consistent with the provisions of the Data Privacy Act and the Comprehensive TB Elimination Plan Act
  5. Circulate pricing details for diagnostic tests under PPSDC to their respective collection centers and franchisee labs. Sharing this information will enable PhilCAT to monitor compliance with the rules and conditions of this Charter.
  6. Calibrate the GeneXpert equipment as per manufacturer and WHO recommended stipulations in a timely manner.
  7. Use and display the official logo and branding of the consortium in any marketing and promotional materials, whether oral, electronic or written, exclusive for goods procured through the consortium. Members can likewise provide hyperlink of PPSDC resources in their home page or website, if applicable.

Any violation of these conditions shall trigger suspension of eligibility to concessional pricing. Members need to undertake corrective action within 30 days from the date of notification by the Governing Council if the member is found to be in breach of PPSDC rules and conditions contained herein. Should the Governing Council determine that the concerned member has not satisfactorily corrected the breach; the Governing Council may serve the concerned member with a notice of termination of membership, with immediate effect.

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