The below graph represents the trend on six (6) rounds of procurement of the Consortium members since Quarter 1 of 2020. During the first few procurement cycles, there were some unsteady changes that occurred which can be attributed to low membership as well as projection of testing capacity and procurement capability of the members. For the latest round of procurement, however, members have placed 2,400 ultra cartridges and one 4-module GeneXpert machine.

To date, the Consortium is already able to pool orders for 8,800 cartridges (7,950 ultra and 850 regular cartridges) and 13 GeneXpert systems. The yellow line indicates that the testing is steadily picking up. This can be attributed to both membership uptake as well as increase in the demands of testing per facility.

For the last quarter alone (January to March 2021), a total of 1,410 tests were conducted in stark contrast to 909 tests in October to December 2020. This is 55% increase in testing.

Graph 1. Quarterly Procurement and Test Conducted

The below graph indicates the increase in utilization of the members’ surplus stocks, resulting to 150% utilization rate in Q1 of 2021 alone.

Graph 2. Utilization rate

The below graphs (Graph 3 and 4) indicate 15-20% positive/MTB detected results. MTB detection was lower during the last quarter as compared to the previous quarters even with increased testing.

Graph 3. No. of GeneXpert Tests Done and Results Breakdown (May 2020 – March 2021)

Graph 4. Positivity Rate (18%)

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